June 29, 2015


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Sam saw the supermarket flyer advertising Nagoya specialties and begged me to buy some of the deep-fried pork-on-a-stick with dark miso topping, called miso katsu.  I never make this at home so I did.  It’s really delicious!  Tebasaki chicken wings and large deep-fried shrimp are other famous Nagoya offerings.  I wondered why ebi fry was a specialty here until I found out that the color and shape of fried shrimp reminds people of Nagaya castle.

The castle has big golden dolphin-like creatures on its roof.  When I came to Nagoya for the first time, long ago, I was told these were two grampus.  Well, I’d never heard of “grampus” before.  My English students wouldn’t believe me when I insisted that if they told foreign visitors about the grampus they’d receive blank stares.  The local soccer team is called the Nagoya Grampus.  Everybody knows, what was wrong with me?  I’m not sure what the hell those things up there on the castle really are, but I’m not going to call them grampus.

The Kishimen noodle popular here is different from other udon noodles.  I was told this is because Nagoyans are so stingy that they roll their noodles flat so it cooks faster, saving fuel.  Whatever.


The miso katsu (I dropped them on the floor right before taking this picture — don’t tell Sam):


The Nagoya Plate: miso katsu, the tempura shrimp onigiri called tenmusu, and unagi.




Hatcho miso:


Kirin’s Nagoya limited brew:


The castle is a reproduction, much of the city was fire bombed during the war.  Sam said even where we live, on the edge of the city, was thoroughly bombed.  Nagoya had a big aircraft industry — the freeway I can see from here used to be an airport runway.


A cute little bag;


The Nagoya coffee shop, Komeda’s Coffee, famous for its old-fashioned “morning service.”




  1. Doesn’t Sam read your blog? 🙂

    Comment by Anne — July 1, 2015 @ 6:54 am

    • No, no, he thinks blogs are vulgar. This will be our little secret.

      Comment by theresaurus — July 2, 2015 @ 11:40 am

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