December 16, 2014

It is cold

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And trees are bare.


Wassily Kandinsky’s birthday.  From Concerning the Spiritual in Art:

“Letting one’s eyes wander over a palette laid out with colors has two main results.  There occurs a purely physical effect, i.e., the eye itself is charmed by the beauty and other qualities of the color.  The spectator experiences a feeling of satisfaction, of pleasure, like a gourmet who has a tasty morsel in his mouth.  Or the eye is titillated, as is one’s palate by a highly spiced dish.  It can also be calmed or cooled again, as one’s finger can when it touches ice.

“The second main consequence of the contemplation of color, i.e., the the psychological effect of color.  … Since in general the soul is closely connected to the body, it is possible that one emotional response may conjure up another corresponding form of emotion by means of association.   For example, the color red may cause a spiritual vibration like flame, since red is the color of flame.   A warm red has a stimulating effect and can increase in intensity until it induces a painful sensation, perhaps also because of its resemblance to flowing blood.  This color can thus conjure up the memory of another physical agent, which necessarily exerts a painful effect upon the soul.  If this were the case … one might assume that bright yellow produces a sour effect by analogy with lemons.

“A Dresden doctor tells how one of his patients … found that a certain sauce had a ‘blue’ taste, i.e., it affected him like the color blue.  …  Many colors have an uneven, prickly appearance, while others feel smooth, like velvet, so that one wants to stroke them (dark ultramarine, chrome-oxide green, madder).  Even the distinction between cold and warm tones depends upon this sensation.  There are also colors that appear soft (madder), others that always strike one as hard (cobalt green, green-blue oxide), so that one might mistake them for already dry when freshly squeezed from the tube.”


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