July 31, 2014


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Huckleberry Finn here caught a fish and made another kid go down to measure it and hold  it up so he could take a picture while I took a picture of him taking a picture. School vacation. The cicadas are screaming, the sunlight bleached. I’m sipping iced coffee from a bottle but forgot to put it in the fridge so it’s lukewarm coffee.




  1. Want to pull a Huckleberry Finn myself. I had a class change, so I’ve got a free period. Thought I’d put test info on my classroom blog, from the school computer, and lo and behold I can finally leave comments on your post! At home it seems to be unnecessarily complicated. At home the coffee is lukewarm too, Here it’s iced. Hmm, maybe being at work IS pulling a Huck Finn. Kitty’s been unwell, they had to open my cat :(. She’s better now, but not out of the woods yet. Her lung got twisted? Apparently this happens to cats. Sorry for lurking on Jacass. From September I’ll be working full time so I’ll likely have a lot more time to kill/procrastinate than I do now. Well, better get on with the updating. Enjoy the coffee!

    Comment by Kazangaeru — August 1, 2014 @ 4:22 am

    • Everything is complicated, isn’t it. Poor kitty! Give a kiss on fuzzy forehead for me. I bought a big watermelon today for 880 yen. Way to go! It was heavy to walk home with, I was a sweaty red-faced monster when I got home and had to walk up six floors to avoid being in the elevator with a neighbor. A little while ago I heard scratching sounds from the balcony. I knew what it was. I got out the flashlight and saw a roach fondling a plastic container waiting to be recycled that I, of course, had not washed properly. No mosquitoes yet, though. Where are they? No bats either, because no mosquitoes I guess. And the bullfrogs are quiet. It just isn’t summer without a lot of things making noise and biting and flying around.

      Comment by theresaurus — August 1, 2014 @ 12:24 pm

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