July 15, 2013

A neighborhood tanuki

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After a three-day weekend of barbecuing and beer guzzling, my bloated white belly looks just like this. Soon after we arrived in Sam’s hometown, hot and tired of that blinding sun, a storm rolled over the mountains bringing cool heavy rain and exciting thunder and lightning. Sam had taken his mother to visit some relatives and I was able to open all the doors and windows and enjoy the storm (everything must be shut tight at the first hint of rain, this is a mother-in-law rule, even though I have now seen that even during the heaviest downpour the roof and gravity did their jobs and the rain fell on the ground and didn’t come inside at all, so there). The dog next door was all alone and scared, howling and crying, panting so hard I was concerned. It’s a whiny spoiled dog that I usually tease, but this was pitiful. I called to him from the kitchen window and told him it was okay, mommy and daddy would be home soon. He came as far over as his leash allowed and watched me for the duration of the storm as I comforted him and prepared for the barbecue feast to come. Later, after the storm passed and Sam and his mother came home and the coals were lit and beers opened, it was suspiciously silent next door. Peering through the hedge I saw the dog fast asleep, didn’t even twitch when I tried to tease him.


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