January 7, 2013

Almond Roca — think pink

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In the bright pink box from Tacoma, Washington. Since 1923, the same recipe. A good company. They didn’t try to expand, no leveraged buyouts wherein the ingredients change to the cheapest corn syrup and nobody buys the product anymore and the company goes bankrupt. There’s a combination 100 yen store and liquor store in Sam’s hometown where I buy French cheese for Sam and his mother, for some reason it’s cheaper than the same item in the supermarket. They have a small selection of imported goods. Sometimes I buy gummi cherries. Once I bought German instant lemon tea mix. When I saw Almond Roca I knew I had to purchase a box. It was strange to see this familiar product so far away from its home in Tacoma, there in that little Japanese town. A big hit with Sam and his mother, they finished them off before I could even taste one. I had to buy another box the next visit and hide some — from now it will be a regular purchase and I will be known to the liquor store clerks as not just the French Cheese Gaijin, but the French Cheese and Almond Roca Gaijin. Supposedly Almond Roca is a favorite of the Japanese royal family. At ¥680, not cheap, but I’ve got to support my team. Go Tacoma.


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