October 10, 2012

Cheese windfall

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One of Sam’s favorite cheeses marked down to half-price. A very exciting purchase, I was pleased. I am not ashamed to load up the shopping chart with marked down products. It’s still quite hot during the day and I wear sleeveless dresses at home (instead of same-sex marriage Sam says it’s same-dress marriage when he sees me in the same dresses all the time, although of course it is both always pretty much the same sex and the same dress), and I wear short-sleeved T-shirts venturing out of my same-apartment. A few cicadas chirp occasionally but after the sun goes down it cools off and the crickets take over, the bell crickets I think they’re called, the ones with a pretty trilling sound.

An upsetting thing occurred this evening. Because Monday was a national holiday I forgot to take the garbage out on Monday night for Tuesday collection because I thought it was Sunday. The garbage has been sitting outside all week. A cockroach tried to invade from the balcony a little while ago. I moved quickly and murdered it with a piece of scrap paper on which I had made a to-do list. I take this as a sign that I’m not meant to do the things on the to-do list. To-don’t.


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