June 21, 2012


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This is the city restaurant and shop guide that came with the newspaper this morning. These beer drinkers look ecstatic. They are hysterical with joy. This Asahi beer is the best thing they have ever tasted. They are permanently refreshed. Their problems have vanished like beer foam. All is for the best in this best of all possible Asahi worlds. You want to run to a beer garden immediately to purchase and enjoy a cold mug of pure happiness. Amber liquids are good to drink in hot weather. Mugicha while the sun is out, fermented grain beverages after the sun goes down (as a general rule, that is — I am quite flexible concerning this rule — it’s more of a suggestion, really). Sam becomes giddy with excitement on weekends when gets to drink beer before dark. It feels naughty, like drinking during the day or eating cookies right before dinner and spoiling your appetite (although since it’s light until pretty late, technically this is not naughty at all). I don’t care for these long days, too much sunlight, too much heat. I feel better knowing the planet is tilting back toward the cold and dark of winter. Summer is not my cup of tea. But it is my mug of beer.


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