May 18, 2012

Yellow Rice with Cold Fruit and Curry Sauce

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From the Foods of the World Time-Life Books, American Cooking: The Northwest. This is a wonderful series, I used to see copies at thrift stores, but I can only lug so much across the Pacific Ocean. I used to visit Seattle and live in used bookstores until I’d filled a dozen boxes with books, sent them on their way to Japan in M-bags, the cheapest surface mail rate. Then they stopped providing M-bags. The days of moving libraries across oceans were over.

Actually, it’s amazing the United States Postal Service still exists. In 2006, bad men in Congress passed a new law requiring the USPS to pre-fund retirement funds or something impossible like that, an attempt at bankrupting them that is working very well. They almost shut down last year.

My old books grower older. I don’t even enjoy used book stores like I used to, anyway. There aren’t any more good bargains, they just price everything at half the retail price. Goodwill and the like are the best, everything’s a dollar, but the used book sellers know when they put the books out and grab everything without even looking. Also it’s depressing to see how crowded thrift stores are, everybody shops there now. That’s what the bad men want. The rich have their personal shoppers, their personal trainers and yoga instructors, personal chefs, personal assistants, personal everything, and the rest of us have to do everything in groups or by ourselves.

I’m intrigued by this recipe. I can’t decide if it’s a good idea or a bad one. I wonder if it would give me a stomachache. The rice is saffron-flavored, the sauce is white wine, chicken stock, curry powder, raisins, and is thickened with cornstarch. Perhaps a refreshing summer luncheon dish for entertaining?


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